Our Story

Men deserve the good, while children do the best…
We should offer what is the most suitable to our beloveds’ table.
We should serve the best fruit juice, if we would,
That’s just the reason to produce the best fruit juice.
The most natural one flavored with beet sugar…
Featuring highest quality we processed under German technology…
Second to none to be admired by the world…
That is, Framio!

Here you are Fromio.
Real dream with its taste…
Have good appetite…

Good Products

Premium Fruit Juice

Fromio premium pulpie orange

Fromio 250 ml Pulpie Orange
Fromio premium pomegranate

Fromio 330 ml pomegranate
Fromio premium apple

Fromio 330 ml Apple
Fromio premium pear

Fromio 330 ml Pear
Fromio premiumtarragon

Fromio 330 ml Tarragon
Fromio premium multivitamin

Fromio 330 ml Multivitamin
Fromio premium mojito

Fromio 330 ml Mojito

Good Ingredients

for Good Products

There is only one way to bring the finest juice: Putting the most beautiful fruits inside. The secret of the perfect taste of Fromio is hidden in this simple formula. It brings together the most beautiful fruits in the most beautiful way and offers you a taste worthy of your table.

Good Sugar

for Good Products

The best juice is the healthiest one. For the healthiest, the most natural ingredients should be used. Sugar, which adds flavor to the flavor of Fromio, is produced from natural sugar beet. Maintain your nature of fruit juice as you increase your enjoyment.

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